After care

After your massage, you can extend that relaxed, euphoric feeling and get the most out of your treatment by following a few suggestions below. 

Drink lots of water, especially for the next 24 hours. Massage is a detox and drinking plenty of water will help flush toxins out of the body. 

Use hydrotherapy, or hot or cold water, to keep things moving. Soaking in a warm bath preferably with Epsom Salts is excellent. Epsom Salts are a natural muscle relaxer and helps to draw toxins out of the body. You can buy Epsom Salts at your local grocery store or pharmacy. Do not apply heat on an inflamed injury as this could irritate it. 

Be gentle with your body for the first 24-48 hours. Rest is important and will allow your body to readjust. You may feel unusually loose and some will experience fatigue. Give time for everything to settle into its new state. It is common after deep tissue work to be sore in areas.  Again, rest and a warm bath are great ways to assist your body with the changes it is going through. 

Be open to any thoughts or emotions that may come up. It is not uncommon for a person under stress to cry after a massage. Alternatively, you may feel elated and full of energy. Either response is normal and it is important not to suppress any of these energies. Honor your body's process. 

Call your massage therapist if you have pain post massage. Slight soreness on areas worked on is normal, but it is not normal to be in pain post-massage. The therapist may be able to recommend additional aftercare or refer you to another practitioner if needed.