All massages are given on a BioMat with Sacred Earth Botanicals organic massage oil

Relax & Renew

A Swedish style massage, involves rocking of the body, long flowing strokes and light kneading on topmost layers of the muscles to flood the central nervous system with sensory information and induce a sense of well being.  Hot towels are used to loosen tight muscles and create a warm, relaxing experience. Finishes with a neck, head and face massage and light acupressure on key balancing points. This therapy can be both relaxing and renewing. 

Benefits include: muscle tension relief, sedate nervous system, balance hormones, bring balance to the body's energy channels, increase circulation and chi (life force energy) and promote feelings of general relaxation and well-being. 

60 min - $75
75 min - $90
90 min - $105
120 min - $145

Deep Tissue

Aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscles and connective tissues (fascia) to reduce adhesions, increase blood flow, increase range of motion and cleanse and detoxify the body. Incorporates compressions, light stretching, myofascia release, trigger point therapy, cross fiber friction, and hot towels to warm and relax muscles. Focus is placed on specific areas to release patterns of chronic muscle tension or knots. This treatment is both therapeutic and detoxifying. 

It is recommended to choose a specific area of focus for this deeper work. For a full body treatment please allow minimum 90 minutes.  

60 min - $75
75 min - $90
90 min - $105
120 min - $145

Hot Stone

with Frankincense oil

A warming and grounding therapy that combines the use of basalt river stones, frankincense essential oil and cleansing sage to bring balance and healing to the energetic and physical bodies. 

During this treatment, warm stones are used to massage the muscles and are purposefully placed on and along the body. Stone tapping will be used as needed to relax the nervous system and release areas of tension. A warm belly stone is used to ground the client during the treatment. The heat of the stones penetrates deep into the muscles to bring relief, increase circulation and detox without the pressure of deep tissue. Great for people who tend to be chilly, have muscle tension but prefer a lighter pressure, and anyone wanting to reconnect with the energies of mother earth. Frankincense oil is used to enhance the healing of the stones and create a grounded and meditative environment.                                                                                                                                                                                                

90 min - $120

CBD infused massage oil, paired with a CBD pain relieving cream is inherently therapeutic for the body and mind. The anti-inflammatory and pain relieving agents of CBD reduces inflammation within muscles and joints and can accelerate the healing process of injured connective tissue. Product used is THC free and of the highest quality.

CBD receptors (CB2) are part of the endocannabinoid system, which is the physiological system that helps the homeostatic functions within the nervous system, including maintenance of pain, inflammation and the immune system, CB2 receptors are found in nerve and immune cells in just about every organ of the body.

Add on - starts at $10



Compliment any massage with a hand picked essential oil blend based on clients needs. Deep inhalations will send the essential oil blend through your olfactory senses and into the limbic system to balance your hormones, emotions, control heart rate and blood pressure. The massage oil will be absorbed through your skin and distributed throughout the body, where their chemical constituents can interact with other bodily systems. Take the customized oil home with you. Can be used in a bath, massage oil, or just take deep inhalations whenever you need a rejuvenating pick me up.

Add on - $10

A clothes on therapy that uses systematic finger pressure on specific "acupoints" to help reduce stress and balance the body energy. Benefits include reducing stress, releasing “armoring” or chronic tension, balance the chi (or energy), and improve vitality. It brings about pleasurable, deep relaxation and increased awareness of both body and mind.

60 min - $75
75 min - $90
90 min - $105

Jin Shin Acupressure


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